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Please enjoy this calming mindfulness bell, inspired by the teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh. Many people around the world take pleasure in stopping and consciously breathing in and out three times when they hear the sound of the bell.

Mindfulness Bell   

Research has shown that 1 minute of mindfulness meditation an hour is all we need to stay centered all day long.

These three videos will introduce you to examples of Mark Waldman’s research and workshops. This 2-minute book trailer captures the key elements of Words Can Change Your Brain and the 12 strategies of Compassionate Communication:


The following Tedx Talk explores the neuroscience of spirituality, happiness, and creativity.  Experience the “Inner Values” exercise that begins 13 minutes into this presentation, and practice it for one minute each morning.  It will reduce stress throughout your entire day. 



Compassionate Communication is now taught to students (high school and college), therapists, and corporate executives throughout the world. This 33 minute interview, recorded in Chile, is in English with Spanish subtitles. It’s filled with practical strategies that you can apply to your life right now, and make sure you watch the last 6 minutes of this presentation: 



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